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Justice LaMont

LTD Guitar Player || Lead Singer of LMG || Cannabis Influencer

Known for creating magic with the guitar, Justice LaMont is a musician/songwriter from Temple Hills, MD who has dedicated his life to creating music that inspires people to live their life through music. With a musical career spanning over 35 years, his vision has always been to bring together talent that would shatter the norm and break barriers within the community. 


Healing Communities Through Music

The "Let the Music Flow'' Campaign seeks to promote the importance of music and educate its influential role in our communities. This campaign will bring healing through music.

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Justice from The League Music Group

Justice LaMont


Justice’s passion for music started at the age of 6 where he taught himself how to play the piano and later was professionally trained. His goal was to learn every instrument he could get his hands on to develop his musical palette. Not only has he mastered the Guitar but he’s well-versed in Drums, Bass, Piano. This versatility has taken him on the road with various International and National artists.


In 2017, Justice decided to take his passion for music a step further and start the League Music Group (LMG). On the path to creating a NuWave of GoGo, LMG is a funk-fluent mix infused with Rock. The band is a group of high energy musicians with a contagious performance style that is sure to entertain any audience. Justice, as the lead singer of the band, has written several songs for LMG, such as “Waiting on The Sun to Rise” and the latest song “Notice Me”. Justice still receives accolades for his arrangement and remake of the popular Michael Jackson song from The Wiz “You Can’t Win”; which was featured in the GoGo Musical “The Giz”.   


Using music as his voice, Justice is currently working on a campaign called “Let Music Flow” that would inspire communities to live life and build connections through music.

Justice from The League Music Group

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